China Aerospace Blog Discontinued (replaced by Dongfang Hour)

Dear friends and followers, fellow space enthusiasts,

As you may have noticed, China Aerospace Blog has been rather inactive over the past year, going from one blog post per month in 2018-2020 to barely one article over the past year. The main reason is the time I have had to invest into China space/aviation blogging has increasingly shrinked, and I have had to prioritize. Therefore I have decided to definitely discontinue China Aerospace Blog as a blogging platform. ¨Previous posts will remain for another year or two (I’ll leave the website as is).

If you are interested in further China space articles, I kindly invite you to check out Dongfang Hour, another content platform that I have set up with a partner Blaine Curcio. Beyond the written word, we also have a weekly newsletter on Chinese space, a podcast and a YouTube channel. Focusing on a single content channel and doing this in collaboration with another Chinese space watcher will allow me to continue to bring (what is hopefully) quality information on Chinese space to a non-Chinese audience.

Thank you.

Jean Deville, 24/10/2021

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